Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Halloween 2015

We figured we'd just go ahead and post a belated Halloween post.....many months after saying we'd be posting more often.

But how CUTE do we look?! Mom and Dad dressed me up as Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger!

And I got to be Jessie the cowgirl. Yeeeehaaa! An aside here....Mom makes a valid point that Jessie didn't wear a skirt in the movie....why does the Halloween costume have a skirt and leggings with it?

I dunno, but you look great! Super cute. Dad muttered something about how it was easier to get this outfit on than it would have been to give you pants, but whatever. You're adorable!

Thanks, Sy. Sam also enjoyed getting to be dressed up for Halloween. He was Baymax from some movie called 'Big Hero Six'

Wait....why isn't his name Six? Isn't he the hero?

I don't know. I questioned the logic of the title myself. But since that's a 'Big Kid Show', I don't have enough information to go on. 

Ah well....Hooray, Baymax!

Chill out, Sy. Man....

 We also did a bit of pumpkin carving, which we left up to the grownups. However, we were represented by the little pumpkins that were interspersed 

We went outside a few days after Halloween and had a chance to play with them.

Yeah, Lena decided to put her pumpkin into Mom's pumpkin. Hilarious!

Thanks, Sy. I mean look at this thing! It's like it was MADE to go in there!

 I also had a great time running around with those little fellas. You played a bit with the candles, right? 

A bit...don't tell anyone.